Skin around the eyes is very thin and sensitive, has fewer sebaceous glands and tends to dry out more easily than the skin in other parts of the face, hence it ages faster.

Wrinkles around the eyes appear sooner owing to irregular and short sleep, long hours of work in front of the computer, excessive television watching, stress and improper make-up removal.

Thus, skin around the eyes requires special care. AVA Cosmetic Laboratory has developed a unique series of EYE CONTOUR YOUTH ACTIVATORS, which guarantees:

Advanced Lifting – 100% wrinkled skin care – reduction of wrinkles, smoothing, increased firmness and elasticity, nourishment of the skin around the eyes

Advanced Regeneration – 100% mature skin care – intensification of biostimulation processes, – stimulation of collagen and elastin production, reduction of mimic wrinkles, improvement of hydration.

Advanced Soothing – 100% irritated skin care – a sense of relief and pleasant cooling, soothing of skin irritations and redness,.

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