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  • We’re kicking off March as Active Women’s Month with AVA Brand!

    A for Activity
    A as AVA
    A as Active Beauty!


    We are starting March under the slogan “March is the Month of Active Women with the AVA Brand”!

    How do you define your activity?

    Be sure to write on our social media profiles – on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Linkdin! 🙂

    For us, Activity is all about continuous development. Physical, professional, spiritual development. Each of us women overcomes a number of challenges every day!

    To help you with this and add to your daily, often fast-paced lifestyle, AVA Cosmetic Laboratory has created a line for Active Women, about which you may have already read something – Active Beauty! 🙂

    The line was created in cooperation with Active Women, the 2022/2023 Volleyball Champions – players of the ŁKS Commercecon team!

    The players have already had the opportunity to test products from this series – what do they think of them? Read for yourself 🙂

    “My favorite deodorant! Smells beautiful and WORKS!!!”

    Kinga Drabek

    Player of ŁKS Commercecon

    “I feel that the foam thoroughly cleanses my skin and does not dry it out. I like it!”

    Valentina Diouf

    ŁKS Commercecon player

    “I appreciate the texture and moisturization”

    Comments Off on Mattifying and moisturizing cream SPF 25

    Klaudia Alagierska-Szczepaniak

    Player of ŁKS Commercecon

    “Super brightening effect, absorbs quickly.”

    Comments Off on Illuminating body lotion

    Paulina Maj-Erwardt

    Captain of ŁKS Commercecon

    “It fixes makeup so it lasts the whole game!”

    Julita Piasecka

    ŁKS Commercecon player

    About Makeup Fixing Mist

    “I love it for being perfectly moisturizing and giving an amazing glow effect!”

    Amanda Campos

    LKS Commercecon player

    Comments Off on Illuminating body lotion


    And are you already familiar with Active Beauty products?

    No? Be sure to visit our online store and order! Link below 🙂

    Search results for “active beauty” – AVA Laboratorium – Polish natural and organic cosmetics (ava-kosmetyki.pl)

    Yes? Great! Share your opinion with us on social media and leave hashtags – #ActiveBeauty #MarchMonthActiveWomenAVA

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