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  • NEW. Youth Coctails – four faces of beauty

    The AVA Cosmetic Laboratory meets the needs of different skin types. Youth Cocktails is a unique combination of active ingredients with targeted action effectively eliminates: signs of aging, drying and greasiness of the skin.
    Rejuvenating cocktail– Time Reverse
    Intensively rebuilds cells
    Cocktail with Resveratrol and collagen acts anti-inflammatorily, extends the lifespan of cells, protects collagen and elastin and fights free radicals. The cocktail visibly smoothes wrinkles, lightens and reduces melanoderma.


    Designated for dry and mature skin with visible wrinkles.

    Hydrating cocktail – Hydro Boost
    Instant hydration effect
    Cocktail with Hydranov ™ i Beta Glucan –  strongly and deeply moisturizes in just 4 hours after application all 5 layers of epidermis and dermis! As a result, the cocktail improves skin’s elasticity, smoothes it and decreases tension.


    Designated for dry and irritated skin.

    Lifting cocktail – Lifting Pearl
    Instant facelift effect
    The combination of white pearl extract and modern lifting polymers and Red Sea micro-algae in Liftonin®-Xpress acts instantly and effectively makes the skin firmer, more elastic and moist. It restores the skin’s density, visibly revitalizes it and makes it more radiant.


    Designated for all skin types.

    Sebostatic coctail – S.O.S. Sebum Control
    Sebum secretion control
    Synergic combination of Azeloglycine and Niacinamide – reduces excessive production of sebum, lightens acne hyperpigmentation and makes the skin elastic. It reduces the effect of skin glow.


    Designated for oily and acne skin, with tendencies to sebum oversecretion and acne, independently of age.

    How to use the Youth Cocktails? It is easy! Apply a few drops of the serum to thoroughly cleansed and dried skin of your face and neck. Dab gently. Perform a delicate massage with circular movements. Use morning and evening before your favorite AVA cream.

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