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    A first time in the history of AVA Cosmetic Laboratory have been developed products dedicated especially for men – Eco Men. The main active ingredients of most cosmetics from this line are organic extracts from prickly pear and aloe.

    The line consists of six ecological products – some of them are extremely interesting and rarely seen on the market, e.g. Slimming balm for men’s tammy and waist or nourishing oil for skin with beard 6 in 1.

    Men’s care in the present day is not limited to shaving and use of after-shave cosmetics. Today the real man is well-groomed, has healthy skin and uses a variety of cosmetics – it’s just fashionable.

    However, it is important that these are cosmetics specially created for men because the skin of a man is very different from a woman’s skin. Men’s skin is much thicker, has a more sour Ph and has a bigger tendency to produce blackheads and is more shiny.

    Eco Men – male skin care checklist:

    • Skin cleansing? – Face wash 6 in 1
    • Skin irritations? – Aftershave balm – naturally moisturizing 6 in 1
    • Dry skin, wrinkles? – Mattifying cream – regenerating 6 in 1
    • Tired skin around the eyes? – Targeted under eye cream 6 in 1
    • Poor condition of facial hair? – Nourishing oil for skin with beard 6 in 1
    • Tummy fat? – Slimming balm for men’s tummy and waist

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