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  • Glacier Gold Discovery of the Year!

    The Gold Glacier line was awarded in the prestigious #Influencer’s Choice Poland competition!


    December hasn’t started yet and the AVA Cosmetic Laboratory is receiving more gifts. This time we got information from the Bullet of Beuty portal about the results of the #Influencer’s Choice of Poland competition. Out of over 400 products, the jury was delighted with the Glacier Gold cosmetics series. She received an award in the Discovery of the Year category.

    This year the jury consisted of:

    • Małgorzata Ohme – one of the most famous and respected psychologists and journalists in Poland
    • Katarzyna Zielińska – theater and serial actor
    • Andrzej Wierzbicki – master hairdresser, stylist and hairstyle creator
    • Adrian Świderski – one of the best Polish make-up artists
    • Ata Postek– Winner of Hotel Paradise 2, influencer, participant of the survival reality show: One Night Squad, owner of the Ata Place salon
    • Magdalena Kaczanowicz – author of the blog Racjapielęgnacja.pl, which spreads reliable knowledge and facts about cosmetics, their ingredients, safety, operation, application and care
    • Kama Magda Różycka– editor-in-chief of bulletofbeauty.com

    It is hardly surprising that the latest series with the Ecocert COSMOS certificate delighted the experts. Cosmetics with succinic acid, obtained from a bacteria discovered under the Swiss glacier, have a very energizing effect on the skin. They prevent premature aging resulting from an active lifestyle and short sleep time. It oxygenates skin cells, improves microcirculation, firmness and elasticity. It reduces the roughness of the skin and the depth of wrinkles. Regulates the secretion of sebum. It strengthens the epidermis and increases its barrier and resistance to external factors. Brightens the complexion. It helps to unify the skin tone, reduces discolorations and prevents the formation of new ones. An additional advantage is vegan recipes and a pleasant smell resulting from the use of neroli hydrolate.


    Złoto Lodowca, nagroda

    We would like to thank the Bullet of Beauty portal and the panel of experts on the jury for the title Discovery of the Year.

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