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14 days tratments
with essnece of gold and pearl
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2018.01.10 | 11:17
Cosmetics for skin with dermatological problems

Skin with dilated capillary vessels Skin with hyperpigmentation Skin with acne rosacea Sensitive skin with tendencies for allergies, atopic skin Properties : Sencitivity to environmental / climate changes, to humidity and wind Feeling of tightness, discomfort after washing with water or after bath Tendency for drying Care: Appropriate skin moisturizing and nourishing Skin protection against … Continue reading “Cosmetics for skin with dermatological problems”

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| 11:09
Cosmetics for oily and mixed skin

Properties : Resilience to the environmental factors Delayed process of aging (wrinkles appear on this type of skin later in comparison with other types) Tendency to enlarged pores, blackheads occurring on the face, neckline and back Tendency to acne Care: Appropriate cleaning Intensive moisturizing Mattifying Recommended cosmetics: Green tea cream for oily skin Acne Control … Continue reading “Cosmetics for oily and mixed skin”

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