Stimulating Ylang-Ylang

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Product aim
Cosmetic's type
Cosmetic effect
400 ml/ 13 fl.oz


Refreshes the body, relaxes the mind. Creates sensual atmosphere and has stress-relieving properties.
Contains natural essential oils of ylang-ylang obtained from the Cananga tree flowers, known as an aphrodisiac from the island of Bali. Based on natural grape seed oil, rich in phytosterols and vitamin E and F.
Spreads easily, absorbs well into the skin, gives good glide for a massage and provides a nice feeling of soft and supple skin.

Stimulates the senses, leaving the skin with floral-oriental scent and fresh fruit notes.


Oils from: grape seeds, sweet almonds, sunflower seeds, Ylan-Ylang
How to use
Apply to the whole body and massage lightly with circular movements.
Can be also added to the bath water or applied directly to the skin after taking a shower.