Micellar lotion with seabuckthorn

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500 ml/ 16 fl.oz


Light, oil-free texture micellar  lotion for all skin types including the sensitive and irritated ones. Is designed for facial cleansing and eye make-up removal. Ensures highly effective face treatment. Is based on a micellar structure, a special arrangement of molecules that entraps impurities and excess sebum and removes them from the skin’s surface. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, extracts of seabucthorn and  conflower to moisturize , sooth irritations,  improve skin’s elasticity and resilience. It cleanses the skin gently but thoroughly. Makes the transportation of active substances into the skin more effective. Does not require rinsing with water. Recommended for use at the beginning of  any beauty treatment.

How to use
Saturate a cotton pad with eye make-up remover. Wipe clean your eye shadows and mascara. Be gentle with the eye area using circular motions. Wet separate clean pad with the micellar lotion and wipe your cheeks, forehead and neck upward several times.