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  • BEAUTY COCTAIL 3D Mezo Resve

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    Product aim


    Cosmetic's type


    Cosmetic effect

    antioxidant, lifting, moisturizing, rejuvenating

    30 ml / 1 fl. oz.

    BIO mimetic cocktail stimulation of longevity gene skin repair treatment.


    Cocktail designed for anti-wrinkle, skin structure evening and soothing therapy, after laser treatments and acid exfoliation.  

    MetabioticsTM Resveratrol – improves natural skin repairing processes, protects collagen and elastin fibres from degeneration, supports the fight with free radicals.  Argireline® decreases muscle tone, effectively reduces mimic wrinkles and prevents form the formation of new ones. Small molecule collagen and vitamins A, E and F extensively moisturize and rebuild skin’s hydro-lipidic coat.

    The effects of the cocktail’s composition of active ingredients:

    • extending skin cells’ life
    • protection of collagen and elastin from degradation
    • smoothing and shallowing mimic fine lines
    • preventing the formation of wrinkles
    • improved moisturization and elasticity
    • increased skin’s density and cohesion
    • protection from free radicals



    Mature skin with visible fine lines and wrinkles, dry, rough and as an anti-aging prophylaxis.  


    ○ 3% MetabioticsTM Resveratrol
    ○ 6% Argireline®
    ○ Small molecule collagen
    ○ Vitamins A, E, F
    How to use
    * sonophoresis

    * needleless mesotherapy

    * manually
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