BEAUTY COCKTAIL Sebum solution

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30 ml / 1 fl. oz.

Sebum secretion regulation.


Antibacterial cocktail with Niacinamide and Azeloglycine.



Cocktail designed for antibacterial, cleansing and anti-acne treatments.


 Niacinamide tightens the estuaries of sebaceous glands, has anti-inflammatory properties. Azeloglycine regulates sebum secretion, brightens acne-caused discolorations, moisturizes and improves elasticity.

Moisturizing Factor rebuilds natural moisturizing factor NMF, prevents dehydration. Natural tea tree oil has antibacterial properties.


The effects of the cocktail’s composition of active ingredients:

  • reducing excessive sebum secretion
  • eliminating blackheads
  • reducing acne-caused discolorations
  • skin cells’ renewal
  • soothing irritations
  • intensive and deep moisturization
  • mattifying and smoothing


Recommended: oily to combination skin, with enlarged pores and a tendency for different-origin acne, regardless of age.



o Niacinamide

o Azeloglycine

o Panthenol

o Aloe Vera

o Moisturizing Factor

o Tea tree oil
How to use
* sonophoresis

* needleless mesotherapy.

* manually