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30 ml / 1 fl. oz.

Reduction of wrinkles’ depth.


Intensively rejuvenating cocktail with encapsulated Retinol

Cocktail designed for rejuvenating and regenerative treatments and for skin with discolorations care. 

Highly stable form of encapsulated Retinol – the most active form of vitamin A, stimulates cells’ renewal and brightens discolorations. Stable form of vitamin C and its richest natural source – acerola extract , have strong antioxidative, rejuvenating and brightening action. Vitamins E and F smooth and elasticise the skin.

The effects of the cocktail’s composition of active ingredients:

  • increased cell renewal
  • reduction of wrinkles’ depth
  • fighting free radicals
  • reducing discolorations and skin tone brightening
  • increased density and firmness of the skin
  • smoothing and improved elasticity
  • strengthening the skin’s protective barrier


Recommended: mature skin with decreased elasticity, uneven skin tone, matte, deprived of glow and as anti-aging prophylaxis.  





○ 1% encapsulated Retinol

○ 10% Vitamin C

○ Vitamin E, F

○ Acerola
How to use

* sonophoresis

* needleless mesotherapy

* manually