BEAUTY COCKTAIL Nano-renev Gold Microfusion

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Product aim
Cosmetic's type
Cosmetic effect
30 ml / 1 fl. oz.

Collagen net reconstructor.


BIO stimulating regenerative cocktail with nanogold and stem cells.


Cocktail designed for regenerative, anti-aging, skin structure restoring treatments.


Gold nanoparticles, thanks to their small size reach deeper skin layers, stimulate the synthesis of collagen and prevent the loss of elasticity. They are a magnificent carrier of active ingredients, strengthening the revitalizing action of Argan stem cells. They inhibit melanin secretion, thus brighten skin discolorations of different origin.

The effects of the cocktail’s composition of active ingredients:

  • Instant smoothing of skin’s structure
  • Shallowing wrinkles and deeper fine lines
  • Significant increase in skin’s elasticity and firmness levels
  • Brightening discolorations
  • Evening the skin tone
  • Immediate illuminated skin effect
  • Long lasting moisturization
  • Reducing inflammations


Recommended: for skin with visible signs of aging, requiring brightening, regeneration and as an anti-aging prophylaxis.




○ Argan stem cells

○ Gold nanoparticles
How to use
* sonophoresis

* needleless mesotherapy

* manually