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  • ACID PEEL Exfoliating acid 20 % Lacto – Shikimic pH 2,0

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    Product aim


    Cosmetic's type


    50 ml / 1.7 fl. oz.



    Most effective for problematic, dry and sensitive skin.

    Peel with intensive antioxidative, depigmentation and anti-inflammatory properties. For mature, dry and acne skin, hypersensitive to AHA acids.

    Recommended for:

    • acne skin, folliculitis
    • photoaging
    • visible wrinkles, loss of firmness
    • various discolorations
    • dry, sensitive skin


    •  delicate exfoliation without the risk of irritations 
    • inhibited growth of bacteria responsible for acne 
    • unclogged sebaceous glands 
    • reduced amount of inflammation clumps 
    • improved elasticity and firmness 
    • shallowed wrinkles 
    • improved skin’s condition 
    • protection from free radicals 
    • preventing and whitening discolorations and acne scars
    • improved moisturization


    nie kupujemy już tej masy
    How to use
    Apply on the degreased skin with a brush avoiding the eye contour and mouth area and moles. Leave for 1 to maximum 2 minutes. Rinse with water, apply Neutralizer. Treatments should be performed in 10 days’ intervals. UV protection ought to be used during and up to one month after the treatment.

    Warning: See the contraindications prior to the application.
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