PORE SOLUTIONS Smoothing BIO MASK tightening pores with Cocoa Clay and Japanese Rose

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50 ml / 1.7 fl. oz.


Enriched with a complex of minerals and plant extracts, this Cocoa clay based mask is designed for every skin type care, especially oily to combination with enlarged pores. Thanks to a high content of silicon and iron, essential to maintain tissues’ proper structure and oxygenation, the mask nourishes, tones and elasticizes the skin. Japanese rose extract regulates skin’s exfoliating processes and sebum secreting, whilst tightening enlarged pores, reducing blackheads, acne scars and dark spots. It also stimulates collagen and elastinproduction and in synergy with Imperata cylindrica extract, provides optimal skin moisture. Pleasant raspberry and chocolate aromas spoil your senses, relax and improve your mood.