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  • PROFESSIONAL HOME SPA Ampoules with collagen and elastin

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    Product aim


    Cosmetic's type


    Cosmetic effect

    moisturizing, rejuvenating

    5 x 3ml/ 5 x 0.1 fl. oz.


    Intensive skin restoration therapy

    ● reduces deep wrinkles,
    ● rejuvenates,
    ● enhances elasticity and tension,
    ● improves skin hydration,
    ● sculpts oval faceTreatment effects: reduces deep wrinkles,
    ● prevents anti-aging effects,
    ● increases the skin’s natural moisture level,
    ● enhances elasticity and improves skin tension,
    ● sculpts oval face,
    ● soothes and calms the skin,
    ● ensures visible smoothing and regenerating effects.

    Active ingredients: Marine collagen, Elastin, D-Pantenol.

    How to use
    1. Clean the skin with AVA Micellar Lotion for make-up removal.
    2. Use AVA Cleansing Facial gel & exfoliation. Rinse off with warm water.
    3. Wipe the face and neck with a cotton pad soaked in AVA Alcohol free Toner.
    4. Gently massage Serum onto the face and neck,open an ampoule at the white spot. Perform the a 15 minutes massage.
    5. Apply onto the face, neck and neckline a layer of AVA Cream or Mask appropriate for your skin. Leave it to be absorbed.

    Treatment: apply twice a week during 2 months home treatment.
    Further: to sustain the effects use once a month.
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