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  • ECO MEN Targeted under eye cream 6 in 1

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    Product aim

    cosmetics for eye area, for men

    Cosmetic's type


    Cosmetic effect

    lifting, moisturizing, rejuvenating, revitalizing

    15 ml / 0.5 fl. oz.

    • Depth of wrinkles reduced already after 15 days.
    • Reduced signs of fatigue and tiredness.


    Anti-aging formula

    Basis of men’s care

    The power of nature

    Rich under eye cream for dry skin and skin with signs of aging.

    The organic fig opuntia extract has been specifically tested on men’s skin. Hydrates for long-lasting moisture, protects the skin from free radicals and UV radiation. Stimulates rebuilding and regeneration of skin cells. Slows down skin aging. Advanced anti-wrinkle properties of the cream are due to the latest-generation peptide – argireline. Extremely effective for smoothing mimic wrinkles, reduces their depth already after 15 days of use and prevents new ones from forming. The active complex helps reduce under eye bags caused by fatigue. The cream also contains anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients.

    Regular application makes the skin under the eyes smoother, firm and properly hydrated.

    How to use
    Apply for the day and/or night on the skin under the eyes. Gently pat in and leave until absorber.Keep away from conjunctival sacs. The effects of a sleepless night can be hidden with cold cream, preferably from the fridge.
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