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  • BEAUTY HOME CARE Micellar gel for sensitive skin

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    Product aim

    make-up removal

    Cosmetic's type

    micellar gels

    Cosmetic effect

    moisturizing, purifying, rejuvenating, revitalizing

    400 ml / 13.2 fl. oz.


    Micellar Gel designed for sensitive skin of face, neck and decollete. Perfect for cleansing and eye make-up removal. Beautifully removes all traces of make-up and deep-set impurities, leaving skin clear, pure and luminous while preserving its hydrolipidic layer. Suitable for sensitive eyes and delicate skin.

    The unique formula is based on a micellar structure, a special arrangement of molecules, that entrap impurities and excess sebum and remove them from skin’s surface. As a result, the gel ensures effective and gentle cleansing of the skin without the need to rub. Contains Panthenol, extracts from eyebright and Algae which soothe skin irritations, moisturize, prevent drying of the skin providing a feeling of relief, freshness and comfort.

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