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    ECO Linea® is a line of outstanding products based on innovative formulas incorporating plants from certified ecological bio-farms. Achievements of the contemporary cosmetology resulted in the creation of extraordinary products, which allow every woman’s natural beauty to effortlessly emerge. All values, bestowed on us by the nature, are comprised in these cosmetics. Combining the beauty of nature with a contemporary human being and his/her everyday life problems is the idea AVA® Cosmetics Laboratory focuses on. The result of these efforts was obtaining the international certificate and quality mark of ECOCERT.

    ECO LINEA ® cosmetics are designed for active women, who care for their skin in a biologically natural manner. The cosmetics are for all skin types. They were developed to stimulate skin’s protective processes. They contain a revitalizing-protective complex of extracts from 4 –plants, which protects the skin from harmful action of enzymes destroying collagen fibers; hyaluronic acid; and other mucopolysaccharides.

    The revitalizing effect of the products means:
    – biological skin renewal
    – optimal moisture
    – properly oiled skin
    – slowing down skin-aging process
    – elasticity, firmness and a healthy look

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