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    PORE SOLUTIONS is a line of cosmetics, designed for mature skin with enlarged pores.

    There are many factors contributing to the occurring of enlarged pores. The main are: skin exfoliation abnormalities, skin impurities, excessive dryness, irregularities in the melanin synthesis process or the loss of firmness.

    PORE SOLUTIONS is a line of cosmetics with selected, natural ingredients, tightening and reducing the visibility of enlarged pores with a simultaneous anti-ageing effect.

    This broad spectrum action is possible thanks to an exceptional active agent, contained in all products from Pore Solutions line: Japanese Rose Extract.

    Multidirectional action of this particular extract, along with other active ingredients:

    Vitamin C * Phytic acid * Nano-gold * Coenzyme Q10 * Niacinamide * Cocoa clay and modern technologies used – Blur – providing immediate light reflecting effect.

    Liquid Crystal – adaptive formula, providing a perfect fit of the cream to the structure of epidermis substantially improve the look of the skin.

    Pores are noticeably reduced and less visible, making skin smoother, looking fresh and young. Additionally, active agents incorporated in the line, have strong anti-wrinkle action, delaying premature skin-ageing processes and reducing its signs.

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