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  • Bio Repair Body Care

    Bio Repair Body Care

    As a result of intensive body care, skin remains healthy and well-toned for a long period of time. Carefully selected cosmetics shape the figure, improve body texture, remove stretch marks and scars, reduce fatty tissue and visible cellulitis.
    The effectiveness presented by the body care cosmetics produced by AVA® Cosmetics Laboratory has been confirmed by application tests:
    1. restoring slenderness, texture and elasticity of the figure – 76% of the probands;
    2. visible improvement in the over-all skin condition – 70% of the probands;
    3. reduction of fatty tissue – 47% probands;
    4. conscious shaping of the figure – 41 probands.
    The line consists of cosmetics which moisturize skin intensively, shape the body figure by improving skin texture, improving its surface, smoothing skin, increasing its elasticity and by supporting the process of removing the dilated blood vessels. The products are recommended for all types of skin, with a visible loss in texture and with cellulitis.

    Bio Repair Body Care
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