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    Synergy of rejuvenating effect of green tea extract and coenzyme Q10 in 4  unique creams adapted to different skin types.

    Green teaCamellia Sinensis, has been recognised as a source of health and youth for ages. It is adored in Far East countries, especially those which are known for their distinctive, unique beauty routines.

    It has a lot of advantages not only in nutrition, but also in skin care.

    It is rich in a number of nutrients.

    To enhance the antioxidant activity the AVA Cosmetic Laboratory enriched the extract of green tea the series in coenzyme Q10 – the natural “elixir of youth”.

    Coenzyme Q10 is a naturally occurring substance in every living cell, essential for its functioning. It takes part in the energy production process, improves cell oxygenation, protects it from the damaging influence of free radicals.

    Among the creams with green tea extract everyone will find a product for themselves. Individual preparations of the series, depending on the purpose, have been enriched with intensely moisturizing, matting and nourishing ingredients.

    Creams with green tea extract
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