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    The power of nature

    Basis of men’s care

    For ages, skin care has been considered solely the domain of women but it isn’t true. Although men’s skin is about 25% thicker than women’s, it is equally exposed to aging, drying and loss of smoothness. Without proper care, it will become grey, coarse and irritation-prone.

    The Eco Men series has been created specifically to meet the demands of all skin types. Organic fig opuntia and aloe vera extracts, contained in the cosmetics, ensure optimal hydration, smooth and regenerate the skin, have anti-wrinkle properties and soothe skin irritation.

    Body care matters as much as face skin care. Owing to the Eco Men series, comprehensive care to give you a healthy, masculine look becomes simple and effective.

    Men, just like women, also dream about a beautiful and well-looked-after figure. What looks better: a shapely figure or a plump tummy? Most men are likely to choose the first option. To prevent tummy fat from forming or to reduce it, besides the daily diet and physical activity it is a good idea to use cosmetics made to slim a man’s tummy and waist. This makes sense especially if cosmetics contain active ingredients, specifically tested on men’s skin.

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