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    ECO GARDEN is a line of natural and organic cosmetics. Thanks to the highest quality active plant ingredients used, the line supports skin’s protective system and its natural restorative and repairing processes. The secret of these cosmetics’ effectiveness, lies in harmonious and complementary action of organic vegetal raw materials and skillful combining of their best properties.

    Cucumber, carrot, peas and tomato extracts, incorporated in the creams, are rich in natural active ingredients and highly tolerated by sensitive skin. Combined with natural emulsifiers from palm oil, coconut oil and cassava, emollients from olive oil, sweet almond oil, macadamia oil and natural vitamin E, they provide optimal moisture, accelerate regeneration and slow down skin-aging processes.

    The line is dedicated for people with a pro-ecological attitude, preferring a healthy lifestyle and with a strong awareness of health benefits, when shopping. Certified organic ECO Garden cosmetics are made of 100% natural and organic active agents, coming from monitored ecological cultivations, fulfilling strict requirements. Plant extracts are physically processed, without any chemical methods. Ready products and raw materials are NOT tested on animals. The packaging is100% biodegradable and suitable for recycling.

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