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  • What is your favorite cosmetic active ingredient?

    The active ingredients in AVA products are selected for specific action. Tailored to achieve the most in your skin care. Their maximum concentration makes the action of the cosmetic even more visible, making the skin more nourished, more beautiful and healthier.

    The Youth Activators series is based on selected active ingredients. Each product is designed to have a positive effect on your skin in its own characteristic way.

    Biomimetic Peptide – a revolutionary discovery of biotechnology in the rejuvenation process. Highly effective in the fight against wrinkles. The product contains progerin – a protein responsible for cellular aging. This activator increases collagen synthesis and inhibits the production of enzymes responsible for its degradation. In addition, it accelerates the natural repair processes of the epidermis, provides essential nutrients to your skin!
    Hydranov – will take care of your skin 3 times faster than pure hyaluronic acid. It works on all layers of the skin and stimulates the production of ceramides which results in nourishing and strengthening the tightness of the epidermis and filling in wrinkles from within. Increases skin hydration levels in as little as four hours after a single application.
    Marine collagen – 100% natural ingredient containing 18 amino acids needed for the synthesis of natural collagen in the skin. The product incredibly quickly and strongly moisturizes the skin and improves its elasticity. It prevents its sagging and restores its proper density and cohesiveness, slows down the aging process.
    Vitamin C concentrate giving 100% antioxidant protection. Especially high content of ascorbic acid in the serum is a real antioxidant bomb irreplaceable in anti-aging therapies. Vitamin C inhibits the action of free radicals, delays the skin aging process. In addition, it reduces wrinkles, restores elasticity to the skin, brightens and smoothens it. It strengthens and protects blood vessels from breaking, counteracts skin discoloration.

    These are just some of the active ingredients used in AVA Cosmetic Laboratory products! Each of them is extremely important in the care of your skin!

    Take a closer look at these and other products from the Youth Activators series and choose the perfect serum for you!

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