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  • Marketing Manager of ŁKS Commercecon Bianka Sawoniuk about Active Beauty!

    Bianka Sawoniuk – Marketing Manager of ŁKS Commercecon, photographer. Every day behind the lens of the camera and today in a few sentences about the new series created in cooperation with the 2022/23 Volleyball Champions – Active Beauty. Privately and business Active Woman 🙂

    AVA Team: What were your first feelings after testing the Active Beauty series products?

    Bianka Sawoniuk: Active Beauty line is a comprehensive support for active women to take care of their bodies before and after training. All cosmetics from the Active Beauty line smell insanely, you can get addicted 🙂

    AT: Did any product appeal to you the most?

    BS: I was most impressed with the deodorant in cream. Not only because of the way it is applied on the body, but mainly because of its effectiveness. It is also important that it can be applied not only under the arms, but also under the breasts, for example.

    AT: Will any product make its way into your daily body care routine?

    BS: The refreshing shower gel smells phenomenal, and the skin is smooth after a shower even before applying lotion.

    AT: And what do you think of the Facial skin care products?

    BS: The facial cleansing foam is gentle and does not irritate the skin. I was pleased to see that it can be applied to a cotton ball and used like a micellar liquid to wash off makeup.

    AT: Cleansing, moisturizing – one of the stages of proper facial skin care. In addition, there are creams in the series – what do you think of them? 🙂

    BS: Strongly regenerating cream has a light texture, after exercise it quickly provides relief. It is ideal under makeup. The mattifying and moisturizing cream is great when I don’t have time to put on makeup after exercise.

    AT: And which cosmetic could you name as “one of a kind”?

    BS: I’ve always associated brightening lotions with cosmetics applied before an event. Meanwhile, with Active Beauty illuminating lotion, you can subtly glow every day. Great for when I’m planning a workout before a formal meeting.

    And are you an Active Woman? Do you know the Active Beauty series dedicated to active women?

    Let us know on our social media by adding #ActiveBeauty!

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