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    Last weekend we had a great pleasure of taking part in Beauty Forum 2016 cosmetic fares, the biggest cosmetic fares in Poland targeting professional cosmetic branch. Its 18-year tradition and international concept drawn over 10 000 visitors.

    Just before the spring we introduced our new body and face care products, which were very popular amongst the visitors.

    Aiming for self-improvement in the field of beauty care, we continuously seek for new accomplishments of cosmetology. The effect is over a dozen technologically advanced new products, designed for beauty salons and individual clients, elaborated according to our mission – in harmony with nature.

    Beauty Cocktails – 6 innovative cocktails perfectly matching skin’s needs

    A great attention has gone to Cocktails for needleless mesotherapy, iontophoresis and manual care. Our long experience and proved, safe and skin-friendly ingredients guarantee effective and multi-way anti-aging action. Their exclusive looks and comfortable, efficient packaging makes them an essential addition to every beauty salon. A real treat for your skin!

    Bio Repair Body Care – 4 technologically advanced body shaping products

    Line created for women who, thanks to a home cosmetic therapy want to achieve effects similar to more invasive treatments.

    The innovation in Bio Repair Body Care line lies in the combination of bioactive ingredients with the newest technologies. Potent action of contemporary ingredients supports the process of body shape slimming and correcting:

    – accelerates fat burning
    – reduces body perimeter
    – diminishes stubborn cellulite
    – firms and fills breast
    – reduces stretch marks and scars

    High content of natural ingredients makes body shaping natural and skin-friendly.

    Retinol i Coenzyme Q10 – 2 new Youth Activators, proven ingredients guaranteeing perfect skincare every day! 

    To our popular line of 6 Youth Activators, we have added 2 new ones:

    • RETINOL with vitamins C, E, F – 100% rejuvenating action. Skin brightening and fighting free radicals.
    • COENZYME Q10 with vitamins – 100% pure youth elixir and anti-aging protection

    Maximum concentration of active ingredients and effectiveness. Key ingredients of natural origin intensively care for your skin and delay skin-aging processes. Regularly used, activators provide lasting effects.

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