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  • A cosmetic with an active ingredient or maybe for a specific problem?

    If cosmetics then with what active ingredient? Or maybe ones that are designed for specific skin problems? Or maybe ones that are dedicated to a specific skin type? Or maybe ones that guarantee a specific action?

    We can find a lot of products on the cosmetic market and sometimes it’s difficult to discern in them, and we don’t always have time to find out which ingredient is responsible for which actions.

    AVA Cosmetic Laboratory has therefore created various series of dermocosmetics that are designed for a specific skin problem.

    Get to know them better!

    Pore Solutions – a series designed for skin struggling with enlarged pores. The line contains cutting-edge Blur and liquid crystal technology, as well as Japanese rose extract, which are guaranteed to narrow and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores with a simultaneous anti-aging effect. After using the Pore Solutions series cosmetics, your skin will become smoother, look younger and radiant. The series includes:

    • Purifying Makeup Remover Foam
    • Smoothing Bio Mask with cocoa clay
    • Effective Bio Peeling with phytic acid (5%)
    • Active day serum with nano gold
    • Night cream with coenzyme Q10

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    Relipidium+ – a series designed for dry and ultra-dry skin. The first line of cosmetics with probiotic yeast extract extracted with the help of probiotic bacretii Lactobacillus plantarum. The cosmetics of the line strongly moisturize, replenish the missing ceramides in dry skin and actively regenerate it.

    The series includes:

    • Day cream
    • Night cream
    • Velvet facial cleansing paste
    • Active oiling emulsion for face and body

    Wyniki wyszukiwania “relipidium” – AVA Laboratorium – polskie kosmetyki naturalne i ekologiczne (ava-kosmetyki.pl)

    Acne Control Professional, an effective solution for skin struggling with acne vulgaris. An effective formula based on the innovative raw material Trikenol Plus. A line that reduces pimples, reduces sebum secretion and has an antibacterial effect. The action of the cosmetics is enhanced by zinc, which normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands, azeloglycine, which brightens skin lesions, and rice oil, which is designed to prevent skin dryness.

    In the line you will find:

    • Mattifying day cream
    • Normalizing night cream
    • Purifying tonic
    • Anti-acne spot cream
    • Antibacterial cleansing gel with scrub

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    Skin with blemishes? We have the solution!

    Whitening Complex is a line that whitens skin discolorations of different genesis of formation. It is based on a neuropeptide that inhibits melanin synthesis processes and a high concentration of vitamin C with a brightening effect.

    Whitening Complex is.

    • Point Cream
    • Day face cream with SPF 30
    • Night face concentrate
    • Hand and body cream

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    Dilated Capillaries – a line of cosmetics created on the basis of up to 5 plant extracts, which immunize the vascular system against the influence of the external environment. Cosmetics created for skin with the problem of dilated blood vessels, which soothe irritation and reduce erythema.

    The series consists of:

    • Eye Concentrate
    • Strengthening day cream with SPF 15
    • Repairing night cream
    • Micellar makeup remover
    • Soothing tonic

    Wyniki wyszukiwania “rozszerzone naczynka” – AVA Laboratorium – polskie kosmetyki naturalne i ekologiczne (ava-kosmetyki.pl)

    And for rosacea…. Rosacea Repair!

    An innovative series based on hesperidin, an ingredient that provides comprehensive care and protection. The ingredients contained in the products: extract of Centella Asiatica, licorice, aloe vera and beta glucan reduce inflammation, reduce erythema and even skin tone improving the look and feel of the skin.

    The products in the Rosacea Repair series are:

    • Specialized day cream SPF 25
    • Repair night cream
    • Regenerating facial serum
    • Soothing facial cleansing foam

    Wyniki wyszukiwania “rosacea repair” – AVA Laboratorium – polskie kosmetyki naturalne i ekologiczne (ava-kosmetyki.pl)

    We invite you to familiarize yourself with our cosmetics!

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