Snow Algae


Reversal of skin aging effects


The first Polish cosmetics with a snow algae extract repairing the effects of skin aging.


Snow Algae line used in recipes  the algae species – found in the areas of eternal snow. At very low temperatures, under the intensive UV radiation, this algae becomes reddish, creating a so-called  “Red snow” – it is its self defense mechanism. During this process it produces a specific mixture of active ingredients, which stimulate the so-called “Longevity” gene existing in human skin cells. A clear anti-aging acting of snow algae extract has been demonstrated in vitro and in vivo studies.
Snow Algae is an extremely effective serie of anti-wrinkle formulas for face care. The raw materials included in it:
  • activate the “youth path” in the skin, protecting the longevity proteins KLOTHO and FOXO1
  • prevent the effects of skin aging, stimulating the production of the most important two types of collagens
  • they increase the good condition of the skin cells and protect them against the negative influence of environmental factors, like e.g.  UV radiation.

Snow Algae contains:

  • Moisturizing complex for the day, 50 ml
  • Nourishing Complex at night, 50 ml
  • Anti-wrinkle complex under the eyes, 15 ml