Our history

AVA® Cosmetic Laboratory is a company with over 50 years of experience in manufacturing beauty products, remarkable cosmetics that have proven their effectiveness in thousands of cases and an exceptional knowledge of woman’s beauty needs. All of these have built the foundations of AVA success and position.The uniqueness of Ava’s beauty products lies in the use of natural plant extracts and essential oils.

AVA® Cosmetic Laboratory has always treasured ingredients of natural origin and used the highest quality extracts in their most effective concentration for optimum beauty results. All the formulas are tested in lab conditions for allergens and are subject to strict research to evaluate their efficency.

AVA® Cosmetic Laboratory runs its own research laboratory where the formulas of our new products are developed. When developing new products, the Laboratory incorporates the element of co-operation with dermatologists and production technology specialists into this process. It uses a new generation of natural ingredients produced by the renowned companies and concerns from all over the world.

AVA® Cosmetic Laboratory is the first company in Poland to introduce natural and organic cosmetics to the market, cosmetics certified and supervised by ECOCERT – the world’s most important organization in this field.